Hi, Y’all!

Hi, Yall! I’m Lashana Harney, or as most people call me, Shay.

I’m a Kentuckian born and bred from the small town of Paris, and now I’m a senior at Western Kentucky University in the medium town of Bowling Green pursuing a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Chinese. I am currently the Managing Editor for the College Heights Herald, WKU’s award-winning, student-run newspaper. I have previously interned at the 17972167_10209014417898588_8216112753207595478_oLouisville Courier-Journal, part of the USA Today Network and Kentucky’s largest newspaper, Imagewest, WKU’s student-run Ad and PR agency, and the Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky’s second largest newspaper. Once I graduate in December of 2017, I aim to work for an innovative company or organization that actively work towards building better communities.

When I am not working or doing schoolwork, I am either napping, binge-watching my favorite shows, running/hiking a trail, playing with my pup, or spending time with my family.

For more information about me, you can view my resume or follow me on Linkedin or Twitter.


What I do


For 3+ years, I have written several stories for many publications including the College Heights Herald, the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Courier-Journal. I have won awards for two of my stories, lauded for an enterprise story and placing first for best feature story. Beyond the pages of journalism, I have experience writing blog posts, stories for magazines, press releases, and for fun, poetry.


As a Public Relations Coordinator at Imagewest in the spring of 2015, WKU’s student-operated public relations and advertising agency, I focused heavily on content creation and social media management for clients and for in-house.

One fruitful and fun campaign I began and implemented was #MeetImagewest. Each week, we would feature a member of our team on our Instagram account. My team also did a Pro Bono Create-A-Thon for a local nonprofit. For 12 hours overnight, I collaborated on the design and slogan for a billboard, creation of social media posts and audit, website redesign template, press release copy, and a redesign of their logo.

I was also a digital producer for the Courier-Journal in which I collaborated and created content for social media.


I am a firm believer that it takes a mountain of research to climb the hill to success. I have designed sociological research studies as well as studies intended for public relations campaigns. I have developed surveys, interviewed study participants, compiled and analyzed results, and have used the results to implement a campaign or suggest better practices to an organization.


I have over one year of experience campaign strategy and implementation. I have presented, strategized and implemented campaigns such as Cure Hangry to clients that were grounded in research.

Cure Hangry was a campaign designed for the WKU Food Pantry. The plan was to have #CureHangry ambassadors, which would be partners in the community such as restaurants, that would use our hashtag and have special deals for students so that students could have cheaper meal options.


During my time at the College Heights Herald, I have held several leadership positions including News Editor, Digital Editor, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief. I have also attended a leadership conference in Minnesota, hosted by the College Media Association. My background in communications theory was helpful during roles of leadership over the course of two years.

As Editor-in-Chief of the College Heights Herald, my team and I decided to produce a magazine in addition to our regular twice-weekly publication. The magazine was to commemorate WKU President Gary Ransdell’s 20-year tenure at WKU. We spent countless hours producing this magazine from writing, capturing images, designing, proofreading, and physically inserting our regular issue into the magazine for distribution. My job as Editor-in-Chief was to oversee and supervise as well as proofread every piece of content and the overall production of this special publication. My team also produced a website version of the magazine.

I was a leader during a time when WKU was suing us, massive budget cuts, and yet, we still were named a finalist for a Pacemaker, dubbed the Pulitzer of college journalism.